Summer 2021

Issue 8


Cover Art
Sulola Imran Abiola, a body in the colours of chaos
Photograph edited to suit the colours of ‘chaos’
University of Ibadan


Jessica Brock, My Mother and the Snake
Iowa State University

Bono Sigudu, The Journey to Death
University of Pretoria

Rachel Blair, The Fish People
North Arizona University

Kellene O’Hara, Clean
The New School


Taylor Sklenar, In Fifth Grade I Have No Friends
Iowa State University 

Rasheena Fountain, Cabbage Worm Blues
University of Washington Seattle

Rachael Quisel, Departure
Harvard University Extension School

Caroline Cook, Chocolate Milk in Cereal
Dartmouth College

Jake Zawlacki, Dear Henry
Louisiana State University



Christy Lenzi, Sorghum Harvest
University of the Pacific

Vivek Sharma, poetry in a time of crisis
Tribhuvan University

Jordyn Taylor
When I ask the stars what they think I should be when I grow up
Susquehanna University

Nicole Farmer, Role Reversal
University of North Carolina Asheville

Caitlin Coey, The answer to most things
Antioch University Los Angeles

Lawrence Di Stefano, Thawing
San Diego State University

Aishwarya Srivastava, Races
Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies

Anthony Okpunor, How to Question a Country
  University of Benin 

Grace Willis, Creatures of Habit
Missouri State University

Winner of the High School Writing Competition

Diya Sabharwal, Girl With Curious Hair, Pt. II
Modern School


Literary Editors
Elisabeth Breen
Kierstin Dunaway
Arturo Felix
Chloe Gabriel

Mindy Higa
Larissa Iannella Oliveira
Kevin Thona
Brandon Yu

Senior Literary Editor
Melissa Knopp

Sari Fordham