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by Lawrence Di Stefano

Snowmelt, the low rivers
   swelling, reassembling
                the network

of topographical
          relations, broken

by the interlude
 of winter strings—pulling
                     at its nexus

toward the unspoken corner
of the Earth. It is the end
            of winter, though,
                     there is still
a little snow
            in the shadow
of the largest rocks,
            on the south facing
            slopes of the Sierras,
   under Ponderosa pines—
                        it’s still here,
the warmth of spring light,
            beginning, at last,
                        to trend
                        forward, on,
(Will we meet again?)
clearer than
                    a possibility.

Lawrence Di Stefano is a writer and photographer currently enrolled in the MFA program at San Diego State University. His poems have appeared in the Gold Man Review and in the forthcoming issue of The Shore.