Spring 2020

Issue 4


Cover Art

 Ryota Matsumoto, Still from Cities of Inextricable Velocities


Joel Fishbane, Audition Tips for True Professionals
University of British Columbia
Winner of the 2020 Roadrunner Fiction Prize

 Melissa Knopp, Rattlers
La Sierra University

Adraesteia Wong, I Am Arachne
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Misty Yarnall, Postpartum
Monroe Community College

Leia Abiador, Rice
La Sierra University

 Adrian Markle, Surface Tension
University of Exeter, Cornwall


Devaki Devay, Now the Birds are Dead
University of California, Berkeley
Winner of the 2020 Roadrunner Nonfiction Prize

 Katherine DeGilio, My Father’s Nine Deaths
Southern New Hampshire University

Lydia Albonesi, St. Pierre and St. Catherine
Emerson College

Harrison Pyros, Cancer Root
  University of California, Santa Barbara


Michael Akuchie, Hemorrhage
University of Benin, Nigeria
Winner of the 2020 Roadrunner Poetry Prize

Ana Pugatch, Maternal
George Mason University

Logan Davis, Behind the Altar: Easter Sunday 2019
  University of Central Missouri

Caitlin Cacciatore, Latin Roots
Baruch College, NYC

Jonny Black, If I Die, and I Will
University of California, Riverside

Odukoya Adeniyi, Aubade to My Dead Father
  Obafemi Awolowo University

Zachary Snyder Smith, The Bur Oak
The College at Brockport, SUNY

Kuo Zhang, A Wuhan Family’s Chinese New Year
University of Georgia



Literary Editors

James Michael M. Banta
Ashli-Jane Benggon
Alyssa K. Garcia
J. Ethan Hoffman
Cassandra Norman

Web Editor

 Jackie Hernandez


Sari Fordham