Summer 2022


Issue 11

Cover Art
We Come In Peace, Tomislav Šilipetar
acrylic painting



Hook and Eye, Megan Baffoe
Oxford University

Animal, Joshua Beggs
Kansas University Medical Center

The Winners, Hannah Saal
The New School

Monsters, Alannah Tjhatra
Andrews University

Cooking for One, Sydney Maguire
Western Washington University

One Day at a Time, Alec Kissoondyal
University of Florida


She Taught Me How to Cook, Reeya Gandhi
University of Arkansas

The Valley of the Gods, Maria Pou
Kapi’olani Community College

Una Pupusa Mas, Raquel Mentor
La Sierra University



Your Last Birthday Gift to Me Was a Cake, Kiyanna Hill
Georgia State University

Chorus Centers, Sarah Swinford
University of Houston-Victoria

Hymn 151, Chinedu Gospel
Nnamdi Azikwe University

June, Driving, Fatima Jafar
Emerson College

Poetry of Rain, Ridwan BadamasiBayero University

Odd Constant Distraction, Natalie Martusciello
College of Charleston

Ruby in White, Ahreeda Ryter
University of Lindenwood

this thing you call an abnormality has a name, Solomon Timothy Hamza
Kaduna State University

i never got to say thank you to the woman who poured the tea,
Jen Schneider
Southern New Hampshire University

On the Occasion Your Back Should Sprout Wings, William Bonfiglio
University of New Brunswick


High School Writing Competition Winner

 Father Chases Son, Zhihui Zou
Orange County School of the Arts


Literary Editors

Leia René Abiador
Aymara Blackmon
L. Steven Dorsey III
Tyler Foote
Stephanie Galima

Sari Fordham