My Favorite Literary Journal: Boulevard

Ariana Marquez is a student editor on The Roadrunner Review and her favorite literary journal is Boulevard. 

I enjoy Boulevard because it is unafraid to tackle issues that are current, real, and raw. The editors’ goal is to be relevant, which is evident in their inclusion of new writers. Their mission, as they say on their website, is “to publish a diversity of writers who exhibit an original sensibility.” When I read Boulevard, I see real emotion from real people who come from diverse backgrounds and have unique stories to tell.

Submissions are accepted from October through May. Potential writers are encouraged to read excerpts from the journal to better understand the desired style. Below is a link to read some work published in the most recent issues.

Bio: Ariana Marquez is a second-year undergraduate student working toward a BS in Accounting and Business: Marketing in Riverside, California. She has taken an interest in English as a minor and has recently begun working as a student editor on The Roadrunner Review. Her future plans are to own and operate a hotel chain.